Noisy Neighbours

Noisy Neighbours
I do. I actively seek love out
I search for love that will scream and shout
Joyous noises from deep within the soul
Are my delicious, naughty, sexual goal
Guttural grunts and animal growls
Piercing screams and midnight howls
Yelling, laughing, cries of joy
If you’re noisy then I’m your boy
If I find something makes you moan
I’ll stay there until you start to groan
And as you start to reach your peak
I’ll find a way to make you shriek
And if you’re not tripping yet
I’ll find a way to make you dripping wet
I’ll stop and start all over again
Make sure you know that I’m a friend
Be gentle and light, like a feather’s touch
Do all the things you like so much
Licking, kissing, stroking, ALMOST biting
If you really want, some play fighting
No fists, no nails, no vice like grips
Just enough to make you bite your lips
Just enough so you can feel the pressure
Knowing I’ll let you go at your leisure
I’ll lift you up and push you down
Gently persuade you to turn around
Tenderly squeeze your secret side
Just enough so we can slide
And when that becomes too much to bear
I’ll move so you can touch down there
And as you start to lose control
I’ll listen for the sound of your soul
And as it rises from deep within
I’ll listen quietly to the sound of sin.

I’m a Man (Manly men take coke, drink to excess and have sex (adult themes))

I’m a man! I fuck and I fight and I fix…Stuff. I work like a bastard and that’s enough

To stop me having to do things like washing, ironing, fetching or cleaning.

You won’t find me sitting down in a pub, at the bar is where you’ll find me leaning, talking about sport, machines, sex, money and violence…

How you’re a mug if you pay for any sort of licence.

I drink lots and I drink quickly, I spend money on ‘things’ and I dress very slickly.

I’m a dapper, a don, a doer of deeds.

I treat women like shit.

I’m just sowing my seeds, they’re not people with feelings/emotions, they’re there to help me to go through the motions of releasing the pressure and pain all tied up inside.

I tell them; this will not be a comfortable ride,

We’re not making love, we’re just having sex; a complicated wank while I think about my ex…

Who showed me the truth, allowed me to love

Got through to my soul, allowed me to love

Let me be who I was, allowed me to love

Made me earn her respect, allowed me to love

Allowed no control yet allowed me to love

But I couldn’t do it in front of my mates, my muckers, my pals, a right bunch of reprobates

We’re there for each other through thick and through thin, the fun, we’ve had, the scrapes we’ve been in…the secrets we share of the bad we have done means that she could never be ‘The One’

‘Cos I’m a man, a member of a tribe there are behaviours to which I must subscribe;

I do not cry, or need a cuddle, I do not Shelter from the wind, I do not skip around a puddle, I do not put sunscreen on my skin, I do not ask for help, directions or a glass and if you use words like preconceptions I’ll shove ‘em up your arse. I do not dance at the disco, I do not go to balls, I do not ponce around under fucking glitter balls, I do not queue, I do not wait in line and if that causes me more problems well that’s just fucking fine, I do not worry about the future, I do not think about the past, I do not see the point of slowing down, I like to do things fast, I do not see the reason why you’re crying in my bed, now wipe your eyes, make me hard and give fucking head, I do not feel emotional, I do not feel your pain, I do not try to understand the reasons I’m insane, I do not ask for forgiveness because I do not think that you are right, the only way to finish this is for us to have a fight, I do not show mercy, I do not follow any rule and if you think you might win then you’re a fucking fool.

Duo Hedonist Head F£%$ (adult theme)

Did I ever tell you about the most beautiful girl in the world?

Everyone was too afraid to touch her.

Did you ever feel pleasure you didn’t think existed?

It was bettered the next day.

Have you ever been in a situation you didn’t want to be in?

I’ll turn it into passion.

Do you remember the most scared you have ever been?

Prepare to die.

Is love something that changes you?

It doesn’t change the person you love.

Is happiness a state of mind or body?

It’s just a state of mind and leaves you as soon as the body.


Did you ever forgive me?


Will I ever forgive you?


Do you think love is more important than sex?

Without love sex is irrelevant and vice versa.

Is heaven hard and hot or soft and wet?

All pleasure is heaven.