When Will We Know Black Lives Matter?

When will we know that Black Lives Matter?
During some idle chitter chatter and someone says “Who?!” and the colour of their skin doesn’t matter?
When will we know that Black Lives Matter?
When the police I.D. a suspect and the colour of the suspect’s skin isn’t a factor?
How will we know that Black Lives Matter?
When a human is described and the tone of their skin isn’t used to put down or to flatter?
What will happen for us to know that Black Lives Matter?
Will it be when the difference in mortality rates start getting flatter?
Why do we need to know that Black Lives Matter?
Is it because we need to watch all divides crumble and shatter?
Who needs to understand and accept that Black Lives Matter?
All of us who’ve been given an easy life on a platter.
How will we know that Black Lives Matter?
Will there be no NEW videos of police suspects being abused, shot or battered?
How will I know that Black Lives Matter?
Will it be when the police arrive and all black people don’t feel they need to scatter?
Why do I think that Black Lives Matter?
Because I don’t believe that my life matters more. I don’t accept what has gone before to be a way forward, I’ve shut that particular door of perception. I’ve made in my heart and my mind a correction because the need of each human is to defeat the greed of each human. The goal of our species is to join forces for the good of the earth. This is our natural state from birth.
How can I tell that Black Lives Matter?
Because the people that govern say it in each verse and each chapter.
“ALL MEN ARE BORN EQUAL.” They don’t say “All but not that one.”
Why do I need to know that Black Lives Matter?
Because if one life matters less than mine, it’ll only be a matter of time before my life matters less than theirs, let’s not argue, no need to split hairs, let’s not be stupid or blind to the truth. The scientists have shown us the proof. The ups have downs, everything goes and comes round, what is lost will always be found.
The reason we have to say that Black Lives Matter is the owners and leaders are repeating the opposite patter.
The rules of the game are always the same, the majority rules, the biggest gun wins, the one ready to commit the most heinous of sins, slaughter the innocent while hidden away, giving orders but never near the affray, safe in hiding with no chance of colliding with soldiers or war, no chance of connecting with the workers or poor, dividing, deciding who should die, they find it funny. I’m not being weird but FOLLOW THE MONEY that pays for the war and we’ll find whose lives matters most, they are the parasites sucking the blood from us all, we are their host.
We’re close to a break through, there’s hope, not much, just a smatter but let’s grab it together and with love to each part of the globe scatter repeating the mantra, the belief, the truth that as well as our own; BLACK LIVES MATTER!

Colourful Fear

The fear London folk hold in their heart is many fold and multicoloured; the group of white skinheads, the runner of a red light, walking through black as night alleyways to avoid the bright lights of the city.

Though we be scared of the hybrid greens and the oily black, it doesn’t stop us smoking it! So many hues of brown to worry about, and hardly any deserving a smack.

Religious nutters come cloaked in Joseph’s coat, sometimes a cloak of invisibility shrouds their true colours until their pile of bile spews into your waxy ear.

A tanned beauty smiles pink lips and you join the blush of colour before your insecurity makes you scarlet because you think it’s a wind- up or your glow of confidence outweighs that inferiority complex and you float on happily as the orange sun sets and seems to float alongside you.

Dusk in this city in summer brings the strangest shades: colours that remind us of our nature and the natural; purple skies, copper coloured windows, golden concrete… Then the emotional pull brings sweet memories of deep forest greens… fawn coloured mornings stretch across and drag the heart under, drowning the grey home inside there and screaming until blue in the face at the gawdy neon lights, slapping your cool comfort zone out of it’s warm leather seat until you’re out and about sipping on cold, honey coloured nectar, which brings new problems and the yellow streak arrives, taps gently and shows you all the colours of the rainbow.