Noisy Neighbours

Noisy Neighbours
I do. I actively seek love out
I search for love that will scream and shout
Joyous noises from deep within the soul
Are my delicious, naughty, sexual goal
Guttural grunts and animal growls
Piercing screams and midnight howls
Yelling, laughing, cries of joy
If you’re noisy then I’m your boy
If I find something makes you moan
I’ll stay there until you start to groan
And as you start to reach your peak
I’ll find a way to make you shriek
And if you’re not tripping yet
I’ll find a way to make you dripping wet
I’ll stop and start all over again
Make sure you know that I’m a friend
Be gentle and light, like a feather’s touch
Do all the things you like so much
Licking, kissing, stroking, ALMOST biting
If you really want, some play fighting
No fists, no nails, no vice like grips
Just enough to make you bite your lips
Just enough so you can feel the pressure
Knowing I’ll let you go at your leisure
I’ll lift you up and push you down
Gently persuade you to turn around
Tenderly squeeze your secret side
Just enough so we can slide
And when that becomes too much to bear
I’ll move so you can touch down there
And as you start to lose control
I’ll listen for the sound of your soul
And as it rises from deep within
I’ll listen quietly to the sound of sin.

Fight For Ownership

Here’s a fight.
The sides aren’t black or white.
Let’s say one side is not more right.
For the fight is this…
One was taken from ‘their’ land and then ‘their land was ‘owned’ by the other.
One was stronger, quicker, had weapons of mass destruction and destroyed the other.
For the fight is this.
Here’s a fight:
We know wrong from right.
To own the earth is no one’s right.
That’s akin to saying I own the light.
The dreams of; perfection, heaven, nirvana can become real.
The numbers of us who want to live in peace is wonderful to feel.
For this is the fight.
Each side is black and white.
Neither one is more right.
Free you soul, keep your god in your heart.
Be a builder of heaven on earth.
Join hands with those who show they have self-worth.
Lift up those who cannot walk, if love is the word of which they talk.
Comfort anger, soften violence, shout for love, admire silence.
Join those who follow their heart.
It may not stop the fight but it’s a start.