It was us what won it.

It is rising within me; a mixture of puke, pride and a passionate shame…I’m taking the piss out of racists, bigots and ignorant fans of an irrelevant game because although they cried when their player scored they can’t be arsed to pronounce their hero’s name!
Still it rises and I’ve no one to blame for being frightened to extinguish the flame of connection, protection of being…the same.
It rises ‘like’ pride. I ‘encounter’ feeling proud but it comes without joy and I’m not that sort of boy. When I’m happy I’m loud, not modest, I don’t hide my pride under a bushel or an anonymous shroud. I float, I hover, I’m the dude in the cloud (by my family this kind of behaviour is rarely allowed).
Yet this rising is a division, a false flag, a reason to hate and some people are taking the bait, hook, line and sinker and thinking it is great.
They’re eating it up. They’re the first out of the gate.
They’ve been given reasons on a nationalistic plate to believe that ‘we’re better than you’ is a permanent state.
I want to join in and I have but do you know what? No more mate because with ‘we’ comes ‘them’ and ‘they’ becomes ‘us’ and I don’t belong.
I was born here don’t get me wrong, my roots are here and some of them strong…not mediaeval but centuries long. I’m a man of this land, born in London, in Bow…BONG!
To be violent over a game, over a loss or a win seems to me to be the ultimate sin (if there is such a thing) yet that is what they make us sing.
How does it become us?
Is it the writing on the side of a bus?
Is it because you prefer fellatio to cunnilingus?
Does it happen within the syllabus?
How does it fester, this fluid, unprovable, magical us?
Those who control what we see, control you and me.
What is ‘allowed’ by them is easy to see, it is rammed down our eyes via every T.V. & in newspapers that are given out free with an advertisement cover screaming with glee: THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT! TRUST ME!
The hypnosis happened when we were as young as…three. That’s why we rarely feel free, via lies, distractions and mental abuses, they control ‘us’ while we have our uses but if we realise the blatant misuses of power & privilege and together say “Stop!” and allow no excuses…we are dazzled, dragged along on a wave and we are told
“It is right for us to stand together in this fight. Don’t believe the others. They are dark, we are light. Forget the greed, focus your sight on them, they are causing your plight, those others aren’t doing it right…THEM…them…not us in control…”
It is when I hear ‘them’ say ‘that’ that something touches my soul, closes my heart to false pride and makes love my goal.

Duplicitous Dangerous Dictatorship Diatribe

Infidels, Kaffirs, Honkies, Wogs, Spics, Chinks, NO IRISH, NO DOGS.
Hate my religion, hate my belief, murder my family then laugh at my grief.
Pakis, Poms, Paddies, Porkheads are Scum.
“They wipe their arse with their hand.” Says your Mum.
“Can’t take a drink. Can’t handle the drugs…” Your Dad says “…they live on a diet of bugs.”
Our parents were lied to every day of their lives to ensure they were ‘good’ husbands and wives,
as we are lied to, only now, without grace, we are lied to right in front of our face.
While the liars live in luxurious mansions, commenting privately about wealth expansions yet publicly announcing how little is around, suddenly another billion is found for a war because of ‘Religious Fanatics’ that is a lie. If you notice this truth you may want to cry.
While innocent children are maimed and killed, the army’s government are being billed, by the leaders of the government involved in each war. Religious intolerance? If it damages profits…what for?

National Poetry Day Rant

I don’t get it, never have, never will.
Dog in the street day. Don’t get it. Yet, still
It comes around every year, a day like all the rest
except on this day it feels like a test…
Create something new (but with meaning)
Let people know which way you’re leaning
The left are loonies, the right are scum
No, no, the right are loonies, the left are scum
The middle just tum-tiddly-um-tum
I wasted time creating that but it’s okay
because it’s touch yourself gently day
or some such thing that allows you to pleasure
yourself doing something you treasure
releasing pain and hate and bile
sharing love, warmth, a knowing smile
allowing others inside your head
showing them where you lie, your filthy bed
you made yourself with guilt and shame
dirtied with no one else to blame
taking time out to rant and rave about injustice
absolutely refusing to say It. Just. Is.
screaming at the tele
from deep in the belly
It’s okay I know the truth, no one needs further proof.
There is nothing left to deny, there is no need to cry.
The rich are taking all they can from all the people of this land.
Killing the poor and not getting caught because they do it by…default.
A cut here, a boundary there and all that death is out of their hair.
The workers are next by cheek and jowl, by means nefarious and foul.
Taxes first, then higher prices for smaller, smaller then slimmer slices
of a pie they don’t even own. Don’t protest please don’t moan.
Okay if you must but we need to secure your trust
tell us where and when you want to and we’ll treat you like the cunt who
we most despise; (intelligent workers are not dependable) fuck the wise
dumb them down, destroy their mind and one day you’ll find
that I’m alright jack is the norm for anyone in England born
Even though they’ve got no fresh food, no clean water to cleanse their brood
just the junk the Americans gorge on and around their ghetto a Palestinian cordon.
They’re building the wall inside our brain with each click on the media train.
Sorry I drift, I meander, sometimes I stray
but it’s alright, it’s #NationalPoetryDay

Trump ‘most amazing wizard of all time’.

They’ve pulled the curtain back, back there in Oz
They’ve pulled it back well…because…
They’re losing control of the slaves and the drones
They’re numbing them with shit on their phones
Dulling them with pictures of death and destruction
But they’re refusing to follow the instruction
So… They’ve pulled the curtain back, back there in Oz
They’ve pulled it back, well, you see, there was..
A chance of peace, a world full of joy
Where it wasn’t bad to be a girl or a boy
A synching of hearts was on the agenda
The whole world on a good honest bender
But they pulled the curtain back, back there in Oz
They had to pull it back, well, I don’t want to offend any of your Gods…
The truth of ‘God is within you.’ slipped into the hearts and minds
And worked it’s magic on humans, all kinds
They are here among us, they do not ask for cash
They do very little that is wasteful and nothing that is flash
They do not worship anything or have more than any other
They treat each other human as a sister or a brother
The gathering is happening even as they try to rule
If you think they’ve pulled the curtain back then you may be a fool.

It doesn’t matter how I feel after

In the darkness of my mind you will find a scared lonely child, heart and soul defiled.

Hating you and yours, imagining all women as whores, all property as free or at least belonging to me.

A vicious snarl, bitter eyes, sometimes a smile but only for disguise, to trick, twist and open your heart, so with what I want you will part, be that love, food or money and if you don’t hand it over, I’ll just take it ‘honey’.

Sweet words flowing from my lips will blind you, cause an eclipse of reason, each kiss is treason, each touch treacherous, but you won’t see me as lecherous ‘cos I con myself into belief that you are my relief, that we are all I’ll ever need until my desires you feed and then after I have won and your resources are all done, when I am sated, ‘our’ moments will be replicated with another lost in pain, I’ll take romantic walks in pouring rain, give butterfly kisses and start to fulfill their deepest wishes.