When Will We Know Black Lives Matter?

When will we know that Black Lives Matter?
During some idle chitter chatter and someone says “Who?!” and the colour of their skin doesn’t matter?
When will we know that Black Lives Matter?
When the police I.D. a suspect and the colour of the suspect’s skin isn’t a factor?
How will we know that Black Lives Matter?
When a human is described and the tone of their skin isn’t used to put down or to flatter?
What will happen for us to know that Black Lives Matter?
Will it be when the difference in mortality rates start getting flatter?
Why do we need to know that Black Lives Matter?
Is it because we need to watch all divides crumble and shatter?
Who needs to understand and accept that Black Lives Matter?
All of us who’ve been given an easy life on a platter.
How will we know that Black Lives Matter?
Will there be no NEW videos of police suspects being abused, shot or battered?
How will I know that Black Lives Matter?
Will it be when the police arrive and all black people don’t feel they need to scatter?
Why do I think that Black Lives Matter?
Because I don’t believe that my life matters more. I don’t accept what has gone before to be a way forward, I’ve shut that particular door of perception. I’ve made in my heart and my mind a correction because the need of each human is to defeat the greed of each human. The goal of our species is to join forces for the good of the earth. This is our natural state from birth.
How can I tell that Black Lives Matter?
Because the people that govern say it in each verse and each chapter.
“ALL MEN ARE BORN EQUAL.” They don’t say “All but not that one.”
Why do I need to know that Black Lives Matter?
Because if one life matters less than mine, it’ll only be a matter of time before my life matters less than theirs, let’s not argue, no need to split hairs, let’s not be stupid or blind to the truth. The scientists have shown us the proof. The ups have downs, everything goes and comes round, what is lost will always be found.
The reason we have to say that Black Lives Matter is the owners and leaders are repeating the opposite patter.
The rules of the game are always the same, the majority rules, the biggest gun wins, the one ready to commit the most heinous of sins, slaughter the innocent while hidden away, giving orders but never near the affray, safe in hiding with no chance of colliding with soldiers or war, no chance of connecting with the workers or poor, dividing, deciding who should die, they find it funny. I’m not being weird but FOLLOW THE MONEY that pays for the war and we’ll find whose lives matters most, they are the parasites sucking the blood from us all, we are their host.
We’re close to a break through, there’s hope, not much, just a smatter but let’s grab it together and with love to each part of the globe scatter repeating the mantra, the belief, the truth that as well as our own; BLACK LIVES MATTER!

Get to Know Your Neighbour

How can I express my thoughts without accepting my depression? How can I release the pressure without feeling the oppression?
I can’t be ‘woke’ and be happy, what joys are there to find in a world so crappy?
We know that we know the knowns and the unknowns because the unknowns were proven to be known.
The only reason there is war is control of resources: Religion? Human rights? Protecting the frail? These are not the sources.
Control. Control. Control. Obedience. Obedience. Let go. Let go. Let go. Subservience.
If you knew how to do it, would you? If you knew how to do it, could you?
What if all you knew was how to, that you will and you can and fuck, you were born into being this awful…man.
Your dad did it and his dad too, his father’s father was doing it too, their daddies did it and their daddies too, they’ve been doing it for years and they’re doing it to you.
A monkey and a man, consumed by thoughts, desires, realising that if they control the fires…
A man and a monkey consumed by thoughts, desires, knowing that if they control the fires…
‘Power is measured by the pound or the fist.’ Saying this doesn’t mean you’re not on the list, that you stand sided by side with the beaten and poor, just that you understand a little more.
We are the fires, we are the gods, we are the owners of our souls, we are the masses, we are the workers, we are the drones, we are the proles.
No. That’s not true, I do not do what average people do. I do not have structure, discipline, or a ‘mainstream’ life. I do not own my home or have a doting, subservient wife. I do not sit and watch the TV, I do not read the national press, I do not blindly support this country, nor believe it’s a mess.
I believe the flow of energy is good within my world, I often see charitable acts unfurl. I watch my neighbours’ kindness, my co-workers’ selfless deeds, I watch one community rid their neighbourhood of weeds, then plant hundreds of practical and metaphorical seeds.
Depression is acceptable, oppression is pressure, they are being the aggressor but our honest connections will bring the purest pleasure.
Do yourself a favour, get to know your neighbour.

Sleeping through the snooze alarm…

Sleeping through the snooze alarm…sleeping through the snooze alarm…sleeping through the snooze alarm…waking….


Another appointment missed, another chance gone.

Another day ruined. Another relationship done.

If you’re trying to sabotage yourself, Job done.

You knew you had to get up early, why’d you go to bed so late?

The night weren’t exactly jumping, the company weren’t that great.

Everyone telling stories, everyone’s already heard, it’s not as if anyone was hanging on your every word but, everyone heard you say “I’ll get another gram.”

Why do you behave like you’re the fucking man?

Porsche aspirations, pushbike pockets, belcher chains and hollow lockets.

Get a drink inside you and the rent can go to hell, that’s your money, you worked hard for it, everyone can tell…

The vultures gather round before you realise what’s gone down.

Half a gram is gone and everyone’s moved away, everyone wants to share but no one wants to pay.

The music stops, the lights come up. Someone’s nicked your drink, the barmaid you thought was flirting looks at you like you stink.

The barman tells you firmly it’s time for you to go, you think that you could ‘have him’ on another night though.

You pick your coat up from the floor and walk into the cold. The lines of coke, JD’s and pints begin to take their hold.

A wobble happens inside your head and in the world, the options begin quite slowly to unfurl…

Go home, save money, spend all, do more, go home, meet friends, make new ones, increase debt, go home, get more, do more, have a laugh, have a dance, have a line, have a pint….
Sleeping through the snooze alarm.

A Life Worth Living?

I’ve pleaded with my heart to stop beating
Begged for my lungs to stop breathing
Wished for my eyes to shut for the last time.
Claimed death as my only goal
Asked the Devil to devour my soul
Prayed for God to punish my crime.

I’ve wanted love to leave me cold
For my family ties to let go of their hold
Given reason to violent men to end my life.
Pushed away all chance of hope
Admitted that I really can’t cope
Caressed my wrists with a cold, sharp knife.

I’ve been dizzy with desire at the water’s edge
Trusted the wind on the highest ledge
Not cared which way I’d fall.
Allowed speeding traffic to make my choice
Been silent when I could’ve used my voice.
Responded positively to suicide’s call.

But I’ve changed the way my hatred works
I’ve taken it off me and given it to jerks
Decided I’m worth each breath I take.
Planned ahead for the first time in years
Allowed joy to be the reason for my tears
Accepted that part of my life was…just a mistake.

I’m sharing these thoughts with freedom from pain
Knowing I’m far from being happy or sane
Controlled each moment is all that I’ve done.
Loving isn’t the only way I spend my days
But, I’m hoping this happiness stays
I’m enjoying the silliness, the smiles and the fun.

Fight For Ownership

Here’s a fight.
The sides aren’t black or white.
Let’s say one side is not more right.
For the fight is this…
One was taken from ‘their’ land and then ‘their land was ‘owned’ by the other.
One was stronger, quicker, had weapons of mass destruction and destroyed the other.
For the fight is this.
Here’s a fight:
We know wrong from right.
To own the earth is no one’s right.
That’s akin to saying I own the light.
The dreams of; perfection, heaven, nirvana can become real.
The numbers of us who want to live in peace is wonderful to feel.
For this is the fight.
Each side is black and white.
Neither one is more right.
Free you soul, keep your god in your heart.
Be a builder of heaven on earth.
Join hands with those who show they have self-worth.
Lift up those who cannot walk, if love is the word of which they talk.
Comfort anger, soften violence, shout for love, admire silence.
Join those who follow their heart.
It may not stop the fight but it’s a start.