Duplicitous Dangerous Dictatorship Diatribe

Infidels, Kaffirs, Honkies, Wogs, Spics, Chinks, NO IRISH, NO DOGS.
Hate my religion, hate my belief, murder my family then laugh at my grief.
Pakis, Poms, Paddies, Porkheads are Scum.
“They wipe their arse with their hand.” Says your Mum.
“Can’t take a drink. Can’t handle the drugs…” Your Dad says “…they live on a diet of bugs.”
Our parents were lied to every day of their lives to ensure they were ‘good’ husbands and wives,
as we are lied to, only now, without grace, we are lied to right in front of our face.
While the liars live in luxurious mansions, commenting privately about wealth expansions yet publicly announcing how little is around, suddenly another billion is found for a war because of ‘Religious Fanatics’ that is a lie. If you notice this truth you may want to cry.
While innocent children are maimed and killed, the army’s government are being billed, by the leaders of the government involved in each war. Religious intolerance? If it damages profits…what for?