Truth Abuse Love

They want me to tell the truth.
They want me to hurl abuse
but I’m sober and guilt-ridden
so I keep my mouth shut, click the link,
auto-fill my details and share the page.

They want me to tell the truth.
They want me to hurl abuse
but I’m tired and I’m scared
so I keep my mouth shut, look away from the jails
and go back to my cage.

I want to tell the truth, I want to hurl abuse
But not at Jews, Muslims, Infidels or Christians
Not at Blacks, Whites or Buddhists.
They don’t deserve my rage.
It’s the greedy leaders, the money lenders, the contract owners
who run this world we sometimes call a stage

that hide all access to the truth
that tell me what is deemed abuse.
They tell me what is naughty, decide if I am being nice,
tell me what my choice is
but I have pen and page.

My truth is that I’m governed
by those who happily abuse
I profit from their violence
enjoy the luxuries made by slaves.

If I tell the truth, if I hurl abuse
it must not be at my equals
but at those who want me in my grave.

Love Addiction

A Mother’s love ignored
A Child’s idea of love destroyed
‘Cos you both know the other’s tough.
A lover’s love shared and diminished.
Virtual love is never quite finished.
The house of cards is falling,
the wolves are close and calling…
Addictions come, go and return afresh.
You’re caught in your man-made mesh.
You asked for help and none came
so all your problems are still the same.
The darkness looms in all the rooms.
Memories only serve to remind
that every memento will only find
a way to let you know how wrong
you’ve been for far too long.
The games you played.
The cum you sprayed.
The lack of trust.
The friends you cussed.
The secret smiles
now defiled
were full of honest pleasure.
You threw away each treasure
for a moment of fool’s gold
and now you have nothing left to hold.