Carl Chamberlain. Poet. One of the 100 men in Manhood: the bare reality.

My friend Ant Smith wrote a poem about his penis, it’s called ‘Shorty’ and it describes his penis. He performed the poem and recorded it. It went viral. Many men contacted him saying thank you, asking for information and he made many connections solely on this subject. He decided to throw a party: The Big Small Penis Party and it was a great success. I know because I was involved from the beginning.
Laura Dodsworth a photographer and storyteller was looking for men to be involved in a project and via Ant we were connected. I understood immediately the point of view Laura was coming from and agreed to participate.
My part in the project was the same as everyone else, turn up, have my penis photographed (get dressed) and talk about masculinity and my penis.
During the interview I realised that I had a poem about manhood that I’d just written, inspired by Grayson Perry’s article in The Guardian ’12 steps to being a modern man’ and I asked Laura if she’d like to hear it. She did. She enjoyed it. In fact Laura tweeted it to her followers. I was very proud.
When Laura asked if she could include one of my poems in ‘Manhood’ I was flabbergasted and said yes without another thought.
The poem in Manhood was inspired by Lee Button’s invitation to perform at an event that was Incandescent Artists’ celebration of London’s Comic Con hence the SuperYou…

Carl Chamberlain. Poet.
Looks great.