Boy tells girl he likes her, she responds that she likes him too.
They remain friends perhaps become more.


Boy tells girl he likes her, on St. Valentine’s Day, in a secret card, she never finds out who it’s from. They remain friends although boy now has a secret and everything turns to shit in his mind and their friendship is forever broken.

Boy tells girl he likes her, on St. Valentine’s Day, due to pressure from outside influences he proposes, badly, because he isn’t ready, there is incredible awkwardness, a ‘No, Sorry.’ They rarely see each other again and when they do the memory burns between them, him wondering who else knows and her wondering if he really meant it. They die unhappy and alone. 


Boy tells girl he likes her, on St. Valentine’s Day by card with his name and number on the card with a yes or no choice, she takes a picture and puts it on facebook as a poll and boy has to change number of his work phone. The poll was 98% to 2% negative, the girl agrees with the poll and deletes him. 


Boy tells girl he likes her, on St. Valentine’s Day, she gets wrong message, ‘cos of the secrecy and intensity mistakes it happily, for a ringless proposal and begins planning wedding. Boy unable to hurt her feelings goes along with it until 2 nights before the wedding when he cops off with her cousin who is over for the nuptials. There’s murder between all the families and hatred forever more.


Fuck St. Valentine, tell them now and have a relaxed night out tomorrow.


Surprise your partner today by going through your fb friendship history, finding a really good day and tell them all the reasons you felt it was such a good day.


Fuck St. Valentine. Do it today!






You may have put your partner through some shit. What that actually means is they put up with your shit and you stopped doing that sort of shit. Remind them how sorry  you are that you did that shit and how grateful you are that they put up with that shit. DO NOT DWELL HERE.


Fuck St Valentine. Do it today.






Stop Where You Are. Think about your partner.


Take yourself out of their life…Are they happy?


If they are, carry on.


If not, give yourself the chance to hear why.


Bring the subject of what you perceive to be the reason for their unhappiness by saying “I think you’re unhappy because…”


Fuck St Valentine. Do it now.






If you’re wondering how you’re going to get pleasured on Tuesday, cheat: Pleasure your partner today and every day leading up to Valentine’s in every conceivable way so you’ve earned it but are too fucking knackered to do owt but sleep.


Fuck St Valentine. Do it today.






Do you know that your partner has a favourite flower and you know what it is?


Then why aren’t there any in a vase where they can see it


Fuck St Valentine. Do it today.