I don’t want to dream a lie

I live a sad life with many misdemeanours and misdirections

If you’re having a quiet chat, I’ll pop up with interjections

They’ll be clever little comments that’ll make you think ‘How cool.’

But, the truth, for me, is just another tool.

A sleight of mouth, a stumbling block, to get you on my side

Then once you’re there, I’ll take you on a ride.

I don’t know where I’m going, just glad that you’re on board

There’ll be a fare, just all you can afford.

Some, pints, some smokes, some lines, some love.

I’ll be in the driving seat, you will float above

My charming truths will elevate your soul

Unbeknownst to you (or I, most times) your heart will be my goal

Don’t think, dear men, that you are free to walk

I know how to talk to men, boys, I know how to talk

Sexist banter flows from my mouth like water flows downhill

Fighting, fucking, laughing, I’ve swallowed at the swill

If you might be a gentle soul, I’ll soothe my wicked tongue, a pacifist with platitudes I’ll easily become.

There are no depths or heights I haven’t plunged or soared to get my ‘just’ desserts

I’ll do almost anything, if drunk, I’ll do much fucking worse

I am that greedy, I am that needy, will do anything for love

I want out of this low while being held by you, above.