A Mother’s Love

A light that shines from those ice blue eyes…

The glow of love

A gentle kiss from those stern lips…

The flow of love

Slender fingers that have poked, tickled, slapped, punched, stroked my brow…

The touch of love

Endless smiles that shine through tears of loss or pain…

They show your love

Lithe, fit, as hard as nails, skin soft as silk and laughter lines from laughing hard…

The crows of love

Sharing laughter because we know the truth…

We crow for love

Words of wisdom come to mind but it’s in those eyes I find that love lasts forever between us…

They show your love

My lying, cheating, stealing, fighting, losing, spiralling out of control

Doesn’t slow your love

The police, bad friends, pissed off neighbours, officers of various bureaus

Could cause a blow of love

Most times, though it’s a look, a movement of millimetres

And I am told, with love.

The truth that you will be gone from here, ‘to a better place’ is enough to let…

You go… with love.

Fairy flights of fancy 1

on nights like this when fairies fly
i often sit and wonder why
we have wings and pixies don’t
why we will sing and goblins won’t
why humans are so very tall
and we are so very small
why wishes often come in threes
and owls live inside trees
i think about a million things
what beauty Mother nature brings
all this i think about at night
am i wrong or am i right?

I Hate You

I hate you because you’re traumatised

I hate you because you’re stigmatised

I hate you because you don’t tell lies

I hate you just because you won that prize


I hate it when the sun shines all day long

I hate you because you’re never wrong

I hate you because your constitutions strong

I hate you and your friends because I don’t belong


I hate your ‘outgoing’ personality

I hate your acceptance of frivolity

I hate your strength of character and stability

I particularly hate your kindness about my insecurity


I detest your fucking right to choose

I loathe the fact you never lose

I’m jealous of your afternoon snooze

On your perfect skin I want to put a bruise


I hate your peaceful resting face

I hate your peaceful ‘thinking’ space

I hate your poise and your grace

It makes me want to get out my mace


I hate the things that make you smile

I hate the fact that you’ve got style

What you adore I find vile

Your passions bring up my bile


I despise any desire in your soul

I want to destroy your long term goal

You disgust me with your self control

I don’t hate a part of you, I hate the whole


Duo Hedonist Head F£%$ (adult theme)

Did I ever tell you about the most beautiful girl in the world?

Everyone was too afraid to touch her.

Did you ever feel pleasure you didn’t think existed?

It was bettered the next day.

Have you ever been in a situation you didn’t want to be in?

I’ll turn it into passion.

Do you remember the most scared you have ever been?

Prepare to die.

Is love something that changes you?

It doesn’t change the person you love.

Is happiness a state of mind or body?

It’s just a state of mind and leaves you as soon as the body.


Did you ever forgive me?


Will I ever forgive you?


Do you think love is more important than sex?

Without love sex is irrelevant and vice versa.

Is heaven hard and hot or soft and wet?

All pleasure is heaven.

Colourful Fear

The fear London folk hold in their heart is many fold and multicoloured; the group of white skinheads, the runner of a red light, walking through black as night alleyways to avoid the bright lights of the city.

Though we be scared of the hybrid greens and the oily black, it doesn’t stop us smoking it! So many hues of brown to worry about, and hardly any deserving a smack.

Religious nutters come cloaked in Joseph’s coat, sometimes a cloak of invisibility shrouds their true colours until their pile of bile spews into your waxy ear.

A tanned beauty smiles pink lips and you join the blush of colour before your insecurity makes you scarlet because you think it’s a wind- up or your glow of confidence outweighs that inferiority complex and you float on happily as the orange sun sets and seems to float alongside you.

Dusk in this city in summer brings the strangest shades: colours that remind us of our nature and the natural; purple skies, copper coloured windows, golden concrete… Then the emotional pull brings sweet memories of deep forest greens… fawn coloured mornings stretch across and drag the heart under, drowning the grey home inside there and screaming until blue in the face at the gawdy neon lights, slapping your cool comfort zone out of it’s warm leather seat until you’re out and about sipping on cold, honey coloured nectar, which brings new problems and the yellow streak arrives, taps gently and shows you all the colours of the rainbow.


Moments of Calm

Life will offer you choices

Moments in time, tiny misheard voices

They offer you options to take

And these decisions you make


The loves that you feel

Are real, each one; real

The feelings you have, are pure

You do not need to be alone or find a cure


You need to share your emotions

Don’t just ‘go through the motions’

Allow your feelings to be heard, allow them out

Before they force you to scream, to run and shout;


Whatever you love;

Music, song, sport, games on boards or on a court, acting, climbing, playing the fool, building or even running a school, helping, sharing, connecting the dots, fine art, controlling the traffic or painting beautiful spots.

Allow that pleasure to be your soul

Don’t worry about life’s ‘Big goal’

Envelop yourself in this positive vibe

Stay on board this beautiful ride


Stay calm, collected, creatively cool

Allow yourself to be your own tool

Repairing your heart by facing the day

Controlling your mind in a positive way


Every chance you get to lift your head

Get out, get dressed, get out of bed

Phone, text, email your mates

Hoover, dust, put away the plates


Yes, you are in pain, life is unfair

Life is not like the funfair

(They are out there, if you want a go)

Now, though, is the time to show


Express your fears, share your pain

Liken it to ‘pouring rain’

Grab these moments by the balls

While you’re not crawling up the walls


There’s no need to shout “REJOICE! REJOICE!”

But to open up and allow your voice

To ask: for help, for company

To take a walk or share some tea