World Poetry Day poem for UNESCO

One world, one heartbeat, one breath.
There may be a time when there’s nothing left.
Until then should we fight to own what isn’t ours?
Should we kill, maim and consume until it’s all devoured?
Or is love the answer to all our ills?
Forget about leaving what belongs to our family in our wills?
Could we perhaps begin to share?
Is that the way to show we care?
Who do we owe? Who owns What?
You put a flag on it? I don’t give a jot.
Is pacifism a natural state?
Or is it natural to be full of hate?
You were born in another place, your skin is different, so’s the shape of your face, but that’s about it for the differences I can see, okay, your hair looks ‘weird’ to me, but your heart beats, lungs breathe, tongue tastes, skin feels, eyes look into mine, if you were me, you’d be fine.
Why should you have what I have not when we were born on the same plot?
The few who know the truth hide their shame so they can continue to play this win/lose game.
With the many used to score points by death.
One world, one heartbeat, one breath.
There may be a time when there’s nothing left.



Boy tells girl he likes her, she responds that she likes him too.
They remain friends perhaps become more.


Boy tells girl he likes her, on St. Valentine’s Day, in a secret card, she never finds out who it’s from. They remain friends although boy now has a secret and everything turns to shit in his mind and their friendship is forever broken.

Boy tells girl he likes her, on St. Valentine’s Day, due to pressure from outside influences he proposes, badly, because he isn’t ready, there is incredible awkwardness, a ‘No, Sorry.’ They rarely see each other again and when they do the memory burns between them, him wondering who else knows and her wondering if he really meant it. They die unhappy and alone. 


Boy tells girl he likes her, on St. Valentine’s Day by card with his name and number on the card with a yes or no choice, she takes a picture and puts it on facebook as a poll and boy has to change number of his work phone. The poll was 98% to 2% negative, the girl agrees with the poll and deletes him. 


Boy tells girl he likes her, on St. Valentine’s Day, she gets wrong message, ‘cos of the secrecy and intensity mistakes it happily, for a ringless proposal and begins planning wedding. Boy unable to hurt her feelings goes along with it until 2 nights before the wedding when he cops off with her cousin who is over for the nuptials. There’s murder between all the families and hatred forever more.


Fuck St. Valentine, tell them now and have a relaxed night out tomorrow.


Surprise your partner today by going through your fb friendship history, finding a really good day and tell them all the reasons you felt it was such a good day.


Fuck St. Valentine. Do it today!






You may have put your partner through some shit. What that actually means is they put up with your shit and you stopped doing that sort of shit. Remind them how sorry  you are that you did that shit and how grateful you are that they put up with that shit. DO NOT DWELL HERE.


Fuck St Valentine. Do it today.






Stop Where You Are. Think about your partner.


Take yourself out of their life…Are they happy?


If they are, carry on.


If not, give yourself the chance to hear why.


Bring the subject of what you perceive to be the reason for their unhappiness by saying “I think you’re unhappy because…”


Fuck St Valentine. Do it now.






If you’re wondering how you’re going to get pleasured on Tuesday, cheat: Pleasure your partner today and every day leading up to Valentine’s in every conceivable way so you’ve earned it but are too fucking knackered to do owt but sleep.


Fuck St Valentine. Do it today.






Do you know that your partner has a favourite flower and you know what it is?


Then why aren’t there any in a vase where they can see it


Fuck St Valentine. Do it today.






Sleeping through the snooze alarm…

Sleeping through the snooze alarm…sleeping through the snooze alarm…sleeping through the snooze alarm…waking….


Another appointment missed, another chance gone.

Another day ruined. Another relationship done.

If you’re trying to sabotage yourself, Job done.

You knew you had to get up early, why’d you go to bed so late?

The night weren’t exactly jumping, the company weren’t that great.

Everyone telling stories, everyone’s already heard, it’s not as if anyone was hanging on your every word but, everyone heard you say “I’ll get another gram.”

Why do you behave like you’re the fucking man?

Porsche aspirations, pushbike pockets, belcher chains and hollow lockets.

Get a drink inside you and the rent can go to hell, that’s your money, you worked hard for it, everyone can tell…

The vultures gather round before you realise what’s gone down.

Half a gram is gone and everyone’s moved away, everyone wants to share but no one wants to pay.

The music stops, the lights come up. Someone’s nicked your drink, the barmaid you thought was flirting looks at you like you stink.

The barman tells you firmly it’s time for you to go, you think that you could ‘have him’ on another night though.

You pick your coat up from the floor and walk into the cold. The lines of coke, JD’s and pints begin to take their hold.

A wobble happens inside your head and in the world, the options begin quite slowly to unfurl…

Go home, save money, spend all, do more, go home, meet friends, make new ones, increase debt, go home, get more, do more, have a laugh, have a dance, have a line, have a pint….
Sleeping through the snooze alarm.


Untainted,pure, perfect.

Untarnished,new, fresh.

Unashamed,optimistic, angelic.

We are all at some point, these ‘things’.

There are no rules to what they are because each of us has been them.

Yet, if I, in this moment am (which I’m not), how can you also be?

Inside the light is dark.

A fear, if you like.

Out of the shadows it will appear.

After the light comes the fear.

Fear about not being pure, perfect, untainted.

Fear of not being new, fresh, untarnished.

Fear that you can’t be unashamed, optimistic, angelic.

But you can,because you have been and you are.

In the darkness is your light, perfect, pure, new, fresh, optimistic,angelic, unashamed, untarnished, untainted.

Let your light shine, be the best you can be.

Allow your light to shine.

A Life Worth Living?

I’ve pleaded with my heart to stop beating
Begged for my lungs to stop breathing
Wished for my eyes to shut for the last time.
Claimed death as my only goal
Asked the Devil to devour my soul
Prayed for God to punish my crime.

I’ve wanted love to leave me cold
For my family ties to let go of their hold
Given reason to violent men to end my life.
Pushed away all chance of hope
Admitted that I really can’t cope
Caressed my wrists with a cold, sharp knife.

I’ve been dizzy with desire at the water’s edge
Trusted the wind on the highest ledge
Not cared which way I’d fall.
Allowed speeding traffic to make my choice
Been silent when I could’ve used my voice.
Responded positively to suicide’s call.

But I’ve changed the way my hatred works
I’ve taken it off me and given it to jerks
Decided I’m worth each breath I take.
Planned ahead for the first time in years
Allowed joy to be the reason for my tears
Accepted that part of my life was…just a mistake.

I’m sharing these thoughts with freedom from pain
Knowing I’m far from being happy or sane
Controlled each moment is all that I’ve done.
Loving isn’t the only way I spend my days
But, I’m hoping this happiness stays
I’m enjoying the silliness, the smiles and the fun.

Manly men take coke, drink to excess and have sex (adult themes)

I’m a man! I fuck and I fight and I fix…Stuff. I work like a bastard and that’s enough

To stop me having to do washing, ironing, fetching or cleaning.

I don’t sit down in a pub, at the bar is where you’ll find me leaning, talking about sport, machines, sex, money and violence…

How you’re a cunt if you pay for any sort of licence.

I drink lots and I drink quickly, I spend money on ‘things’ and I dress very slickly.

I’m a dapper, a don, a doer of deeds.

I treat women like shit. I’m just sowing my seeds, they’re not people with feelings/emotions, they’re there to help me to go through the motions of releasing the pressure and pain all tied up inside.

This will not be a comfortable ride,

We’re not making love, I’m just having sex, a complicated wank while I remember my ex…

Who showed me the truth, allowed me to love

Got through to my soul, allowed me to love

Let me be who I was, allowed me to love

Made me earn her respect, allowed me to love

Allowed no control yet allowed me to love

But I couldn’t do it in front of my mates my muckers, my pals, a bunch of reprobates

We’re there for each other through thick and through thin the fun we’ve had, the scrapes we’ve been in the secrets we share of the bad we have done meant that she could never be The One

‘Cos I’m a man, a member of a tribe there’s a behaviour to which I must subscribe

I do not cry, or need a cuddle, I do not Shelter from the wind, I do not kip around a puddle, I do not put sunscreen on my skin, I do not ask for help, directions or a glass, if you use words like preconceptions I’ll shove ‘em up your arse, I do not dance at the disco, I do not go to balls, I do not ponce around under fucking glitter balls, I do not queue, I do not wait in line and if that causes me more problems well that’s just fucking fine, I do not worry about the future, I do not think about the past, I do not see the point of slowing down, I like to do things fast, I do not see the reason why you’re crying in my bed, now wipe your eyes, make me hard and give fucking head, I do not feel emotional, I do not feel your pain, I do not try to understand the reasons I’m insane, I do not ask for forgiveness, I do not think that you are right, the only way to finish this is for us to have a fight, I do not show mercy, I do not follow any rule and if you think you might win then you’re a fucking fool.